How I handmade my bridesmaids’ convertible wrap dresses



Having a fall wedding throws you blind, headfirst into the holidays… I am still shocked that Thanksgiving is this week when just a few weeks ago I was getting married. I loved being with family and friends for our special day… I’d like to remember those moments instead of the fact that we almost couldn’t get married, I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with everyone, I and the bridesmaids got pulled over the day before the wedding, and since I didn’t make up my mind about which dress I wanted to sew, we were finishing it, well, a little eentsy bit late.

I kind of wish I had been a bridesmaid at my wedding just so I could wear their deep magenta convertible wrap dresses. I love how my girls chose to wrap them- I think it suited their body types and personalities perfectly. While this dress is simple to make (blogs claim it just takes one seam to sew it although I do it in five), I had to sew it for five ladies so that took some time. I got this beautiful fabric online, and used Sew Like My Mom blog and Knuckle Salad blog for my pattern. There were some additions and subtractions I made to make it fit better so if you have any questions feel free to contact me. I’m not selling these currently but if you’d like one, I could post it on Etsy $120 for long and $80 for short. I will make a short black one for myself and this will be my new LBD.

The photos are my bridesmaids and me, and also a photo shoot we did with C7 Studios, Runway Models, and my designs. Notice how my bridesmaids’ skin glow? I made them all put on Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion with Royal Jelly $9. I was not about to have ashy skin at my wedding, Heaven forbid! One of the bridesmaids said “It doesn’t shimmer.” That’s actually a good thing because it makes your skin glow without looking like you’re going to a rave. Shout out to my cousins Kierra and Linda at Moda for doing our hair!

I’ll have photos back soon from our wedding so stay tuned!




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