Gardening Indoors Mid-Winter= Early Spring in Our Hearts

At Trouvés, since we have a passion for living and breathing edible/domestically useful flora all year-round, this post will be about plants.

It’s the end of February and time to start planting seedlings indoors in a covered planter.  Besides growing bean sprouts in a wet paper towel on our window ledge in grade school, I’ve never attempted to start seeds indoors before.  I did a lot of internet research and face-to-face human research, and decided to go ahead and plant seedlings in February. (How hard could it be?) Last week I went to Menards and bought a couple of recycled plastic domed planters, flower and vegetable seeds, and potting soil.  On my day off, I decided I wanted to relax by 1) baking and 2) indoor gardening.  It’s not hard at all, but I did read over a handful of websites before sitting down and doing the deed.

I planted collards and beets, and they sprouted within 3 days!  They seem quite happy, but let’s see if they live to make it to my garden in the spring. (update: I waited too long to transfer the seedlings to the garden, and the beets didn’t grow as big as they could have. Thankfully, you can do a fall seeding of beets, so I have 60 beets ready to harvest in a month or so! The collards turned out well- a little too much so that I don’t know what to do with all of them… a good problem to have since it forces me to 1) be creative in the kitchen and 2) share with neighbors and friends and family. I have brought bags of collards and kale to church and have no problem giving them away.)

why, hello

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